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Nothing wrong with keeping that goodwill going. Western Governors University is a great school. The competency-based learning model provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of the subject matter without confining you to a time-based schedule.

This all-you-can eat program allows you to complete courses ahead of schedule and go back for more, all without incurring a course-based fee. For the motivated professional who is looking to complete a degree while working on their career, WGU is amazing.

One of my early stumbling blocks was the Taskstream assignments. This lead to much cursing and gnashing of teeth, on my part….

I eventually figured out a method to satisfy the rubric requirements for my Taskstream assignments. This really helped simplify the process. Taskstream has now been replaced with a built-in task submission application, but the concept is the same. The template I created for answering these requirements streamlined the work for me and helped me make sure I was hitting each of the prescribed rubric items.

Having the rubric items laid out in a clear and logical manner provided the graders with the information they were looking for without them having to find it in the middle of a paragraph. I stopped arguing whether the assignment was or was not a traditional essay and just focused on the work.

Once I figured out a standard format to use to meet the rubric grading mechanisms, these assignments lost their punch-to-the-face impact. If nothing else, WGU taught me to take a good look at how I was approaching problems.

I passed this template on to three other students while I was still working on my degree and they all found it to be useful. So, I decided to share it here and ever since, many other students have downloaded the template and used it for their written assignments. You still have to demonstrate your own competency. This is a blank template, with nothing more than formatting, headings, and instructions which you will replace with the content of your assignment.

This template just helps you get over the formatting issue. It showcases your answers to the rubric items in a way that benefits both you and the TaskStream grader.

This link points to Google Docs, where you can download the document for free. There is truly no cost, no newsletter to sign up for, just one alumni trying to help out a future one!

Google Analytics tells me that this post is a fairly popular with other WGU students, too. I can honestly tell you that I received a lot more help than I expected from other working adults who were also pursuing their degrees full-time on more than one occasion. And if there is one other bit of advice I could give you, I would recommend that you try to attend some of the mixers WGU puts on.

If you found this post to be helpful, please consider sharing it with other students you know or even with your WGU mentor. Thank you for this!!! Just remember, sometimes the graders will kick your assignment back, but all it will need is targeted improvement. The template is a perfect example of that. You have the rubric and a task to write an essay, but covering the material in true essay format can make it hard for the graders to isolate and check off specific rubric items.

By isolating those specific sections, it allows the grader to read and analyze each rubric item individually.Forgot your password?

Or sign in with one of these services. I am drowning with so much information. Need help. I did not follow the course of study for health assessment. There's enough busy work on that course of study to tie up your time for months. Health Assessment Course Page www.

What commuter said - the unofficial study guide and I will also add that all the youtube assessment videos mentioned in the communities helped me more than anything else. Reading through the COS will give you way more information than you need! I found doing the health assessment video really helped me prepare for the OA. The second time around, I did the video the night before the test and then read the unofficial study guide once.

This was after 4 months of procrastination after my fail! There is so much encouragement and many, many tips. Good Luck! I did not find any leniency when I submitted my video. Honestly I've been so pissed every time I go to correct the items on my feedback sheet that I find it hard to concentrate. I hate this class honestly.

Just like the rest of the classes in this bridge program, it's just a rubber stamp on a certificate, I really don't feel like I gain anything from it. But, it's the American way right? Apples and oranges. This site uses cookies. By using this site, you consent to the placement of these cookies.

Western Governors University. World Leaders. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Google. Sign in with Facebook. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Aug 27, by bongids. Thank you for the help. I appreciate it. I will definitely check on it. Aug 28, by bongids.

Thank you featherzRN.We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the results of a comprehensive health assessment on a patient of my choosing. The complete health history information was obtained by interviewing the patient, who was considered to be a reliable source.

Other sources of data, such as medical records, were not available at the time of the interview. Physical examination data was obtained through inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation techniques. Don't use plagiarized sources. The case study results are interpreted from the perspective of a registered nurse, and three nursing diagnoses are identified.

She is currently unemployed for four months. She was born in Buffalo, New York into a family of German decent. She currently lives in a suburb of Buffalo, N.

However, her father and mother made many decisions mutually and shared household chores Purnell, The household atmosphere was loving and respectful.

wgu c350 paper

She and her five siblings were brought up as Roman Catholics. They were expected to be polite, use table manners, be on-time to meals, respect their elders, do as they were told, share, finish their chores before recreating, get good grades in school, pray before meals and at bedtime, and attend church every Sunday and on holy days Purnell, When she was a child, M.

She did, however, have a severe case of chickenpox when she was about 3-years-old, and shingles about 18 years ago. She has been hospitalized two times for childbirth. Both births were uncomplicated vaginal deliveries. Surgical history includes tubal ligation at age 24, and removal of benign cysts in her left breast, left cheek, and left wrist between the years All of her childhood vaccinations are up to date.

She gets vaccinated for influenza almost every year, but she did not get vaccinated this season. She received the varicella zoster virus vaccine in February, ; no reactions noted. Her last tetanus shot was more 10 than years ago. She denies ever having been exposed to tuberculosis TBand nor has she ever had a TB skin test Jarvis, Her last physical was in February, She also sees her dentist annually for a check-up and cleaning.

She is currently scheduled for April, As a child she never needed corrective lenses, but for the last 15 years she has needed glasses for reading. Therefore, her vision is checked annually, most recent appointment having been in January, Because she has a history of benign cysts in her breast tissue, she gets a mammogram every five years.

Her last mammogram was in Results of her Pap tests have never been abnormal. She cannot recall the date of her last gynecological exam. She also gets a coloscopy every couple of years, since her father died of colon cancer. In relation to allergies, M. She drinks alcohol socially, approximately two 12 ounce beers a day. She is a former smoker of one pack of cigarettes a day for nearly forty years. Her quite date was September, She denies the use of street drugs.

No cardiac, respiratory, endocrine, vascular, musculoskeletal, urinary, hematologic, neurologic, genitourinary, or gastrointestinal problems.Order Now. Gaining entry into the health care system Is it available and in close proximity? Getting access to sites of care where patients can receive needed services Can the patient get to it? There are 2 parts to this section. First, you are required to discuss your approach to asking your social determinants questions.

Social determinants are important for determining access to health care, ability to afford care, and ability to maintain health and well-being. The questions were presented in a non-threatening, face-to-face format, which allows for improved interpretation of verbal and non-verbal cues and were mostly open-ended to provide an opportunity for the patient to describe and expand on the answers.

Secondly, you are to present an accurate analysis of the wgu c social determinants.

Kelli Proffer, WGU C350, Comprehensive Health Assessment, ID 000980392

Consider reviewing the chapter on interviewing techniques in your Bates eText. In this section, you are required to identify and discuss key questions that are appropriate for a healthcare setting to effectively assess each of the five social determinants: economic stability, education, social and community context, health and healthcare, and neighborhood and built environment.

List each question you used and give a brief statement as to why you chose that question just like wgu c task 1. Later in the paper, you actually choose the 3 highest priority determinants for which to create a plan of care; however, in this section, it is still important to state how you might address each response.

You might then suggest that the patient choose one as an accountability partner for nutrition and exercise since social support is an integral part of following through with wellness activities. Most of our suggestions and plan of care will focus on prevention. Remember, wgu c social determinants do not have to be negative! They can even influence patients positively. You may find that you are repeating yourself a bit from the section before, but that is expected and acceptable.

The analysis should be clearly articulated and well-supported. You might think about how a high school education impacts health differently from a college education. If your patient was able to graduate from college and acquire a good job with health benefits, this certainly impacts health positively. They may also have trouble communicating their health needs. Under this item, you are required to discuss specific, plausible healthcare barriers, as well as opportunities the patient might face because of his or her educational status.

Begin with a general discussion and end with your specific patient. Remember, barriers occur even for healthy people. If someone is highly educated of c comprehensive health assessment, that may serve as a positive opportunity, but it may also prevent the individual from adequately addressing health issues.Vicke, How did you score on this paper, I am having trouble with filtered and unfiltered and have some different answers than you do.

Thank You. I received 3. Thank you for the quick response, I have submitted my paper and am waiting on the results. Just an FYI to all - 9 or the 15 classifications above are incorrect. There can only be one right answer for each category. Awesome job!! My intention for publishing my task was not for others to copy, but to give them the basic format of what was expected.

I did not have a perfect paper but 3's and 4's with mostly 4's. I wished I had an example to go by when I did mine. My mentor and the community boards and even you tube were wonderful tools for understanding.

Recovering from assessment disappointment.

If you would like to help clarify how to identify the filtered and unfiltered sources I would greatly appreciate it as others will too. You can email me direct at vickielhart gmail. This has really helped me re-focus and get the brain going again. I'm stuck on that paper and can't seem to get a flow. I think your Organization Systems and Leadership Qualities are different than mine were. We were given scenarios and had questions to answer. It was "KOT". I wish you the best! I am sure you will do great!

I am a freelance academic writer. I have recently completed this paper for a client who asked me to follow this paper as a guideline.

Let me caution everyone here and with apologies to Vickie that this "filtered", "unfiltered", "none of these" portion of this assignment, posted on this blog, is not correct. Anyone doing the paper following this example post here will find out whether I am speaking the truth or not.

wgu c350 paper

After 2 revisions, however, I was able to have this paper passed with almost a perfect score. Thank you Meo Khan. I struggled with the distinction of filtered and unfiltered and would welcome any help you may be able to provide for those finding this post.

My intention was to help show the format required. Congrats on you excellence! Dear Vickie, I am indebted to your valuable blog because it helped me a lot in completing the 3 tasks at hand. You've made so many people's life easier. You deserve special appreciation. I don't see where posting your completed homework is "helping. This should all come down.In: Science.

Vazquez Western Governors University A. Identification of international outbreak The communicable disease that caused an international outbreak is Swine Influenza A which is also known as H1N1. I will be describing the epidemiology and transmission of the outbreak, the effect of the outbreak on my community at a systems level and finally discuss what actions will be appropriate for a community health nurse when confronted with an outbreak of pandemic proportions.

Details of international outbreak Swine influenza A was first detected in the United States on April 13, The first identified patient was a 10year old male in San Diego California. He will be listed as patient A. He presented with fever, cough and vomiting to an outpatient clinic. Next identified patient will be named patient B.

She presented to an outpatient clinic on March 28, It is believed that the virus is found in camels and passed on to humans who are in contact or around infected animal. Those infected with MERS exhibit fever, cough, and shortness of breath, pneumonia, and diarrhea. Severe cases require patient to be put on mechanical ventilation or in an intensive care unit. It is also known to cause kidney failure and septic shock.

Community Health Nursing Task 2

The elderly, persons who are immunosuppressed, those who have diabetes, cancer, or chronic lung disease are at an increased risk of contracting MERS. It can be transmitted to anyone who is in close contact with the infected person WHO, a. MERS has been reported in 26 countries throughout the world. In May ofthere was an outbreak in Korea that began with a 68 year old male who had recent travel from the Arabian Peninsula.

April 5, Nursing is as old as human society. The general goal of nursing has not changed over time. Compassionate care of sick people to provide comfort and assurance is the conclusion of any given nursing theory.

Originally nursing was considered a service, but the constantly changing needs of society resulted in the evolution of the nursing practice into a modern profession.This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase items through my links. I used each rubric section as a paper heading.

Skip to content. There are 2 Performance Assessment Tasks for this class. The first task can be done in a morning. You can access this as many times as you need until you complete enough of the assessment.

For the second task, you will record a Panopto video of you performing a head to toe assessment on an adult volunteer I used my hubby. Watch the head-to-toe video by an instructor in your course materials Run through the checklist a few times on a stuffed animal. Do a quick test of your video recording to make sure you can here and see! There are a few examples on YouTube if you want to see other videos that have passed.

The documentation portion PADF should take 30 min. Professional Roles and Values — C There are 3 performance assessment tasks for this class. Knock out the 2nd one first, this took me maybe 2 hours, because it was all my opinion.

Next do task 3, the portfolio shell. There should be a help document, have this open as you go along and follow step by step. What does each concept mean to you?

I wrote my paper over 2 days, taking breaks between every sections. Go for a walk, watch an episode of your favorite Netflix series, or do some yoga! Give specific examples when the rubric asks for them, but otherwise avoid the fluff! Also note the types quantitative, qualitative, systematic review, quality improvement of articles.

This puts you even further ahead in completing Task 2. There should be help documents for each task that make it easy to set up your paper. Stick to the TaskStream Rubric! First, just click on the map to go to each of the 12 locations specified on the Task Instructions.

I saved each picture with the name of the location to double check that I got them all. Download the demographic PDFthis will help you answer most of the questions in the first part of the paper.

Print the Windshield Survey document and drive through the city once. You can go slow or fast, and you can stop and get out if you want a closer look at something. Make notes to yourself about things like garbage in the streets, visible pollution, people outside walking or the lack thereof.

Bentonville — I woke up early one morning to finish this before taking my son to school. You just click through a simulation on hospital preparedness for an epidemic.

wgu c350 paper

Save the certificate at the end and upload to TaskStream. The last task is another easy one. You write about a disease that crossed international borders.