Titan quest builds reddit

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Satanaizz View Profile View Posts. What are the best build or classes to play in legendary without having to grind too much for equipment?

Years ago I remember that was Conquerer, Haruspex and Harbinger. I have already look at Build Compendium in titanquest. Thank you for your help. Showing 1 - 6 of 6 comments. Pet builds are very gear friendly. You get a massive HP boost from heart of the oak, and a heal.

Storm Mastery

So you can be pretty tanky for a non-defensive build if you want to be. Just gear up for resists vs the enemies in the area you're in.

For defensive ability, you want around DA, minimum in Legendary. If you're seeing red numbers for lots of damage flying across the screen, that's because your DA is too low. You don't want to get critted. You need enough DA to at least not be critted, and if a shield gets you there, then use one. Lots of shields give massive bonuses to DA. Last edited by crimsonedge11 ; 6 Jun, am. Thank you very much for your answer, crimsonedge. I have 2 questions: 1 - The pets can survive well in the legendary?

Int, Dex, Str? Last edited by Satanaizz ; 6 Jun, pm. Draziell View Profile View Posts.This build is made for you. After 1 weak of playing Immortal Throne, I was building an Harbinger. Here is my Harbinger Build:. Firts of all, this build is focused on offance, speed and strong damage. Ultimate build: The ultimate build is the best of the two world. Max out the usual warface skills all the Onslaught branch, weapons traning and dodge attack Put 1 points in battle rage, crushing blow and counter attack.

Battle rage is really useful, apend often and boost your attack power and critical hit chance. Dream Mastery The first skill that you must use in the beginning is PhamtonStrike, begin per put 1 point in phamtomStrike and then max DreamStealer. Replace it per maxed Trance of Wrath lately in the game. Put 1 point in Distort Reality and max TemporalRift. So use the original Battle Standard and Ancertral Horn, always strong against boss. Low defance but so mush power and really easy to find.

This weapon hit hard, elemental damage, bonus dmg, dex, and a fast attack speed for a club. You need also a good arm bracer, I took phobos that I found in the Secret passage again. But you can easily take warrior bracer, conqueror bracer, someting that give you attack speed. Alos a great summon ativate on low heath, he deal nice dmg. So with this stuff you will have near 9k health, alot of strenght around and decent dex In overall This build own, I do some secret passage run in under 2min, I beat Toxeus The murderer easily.

But where to find them? Here is my Harbinger Build: Firts of all, this build is focused on offance, speed and strong damage. Please Login to comment. Notify of. Skip to toolbar About WordPress.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

titan quest builds reddit

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Hello everyone! I just started to play for the first time Titan Quest and have bought on the sale Ragnarok expansion. After looking through all possible builds, I really fell for the 'Stonespeaker' one.

titan quest builds reddit

Thank you in advance. Showing 1 - 6 of 6 comments. Raziel View Profile View Posts. Assuming you start from level 1, just wear best gear you can find, don't forget to check NPC merchants. Last edited by Raziel ; 24 Nov, am. Originally posted by Raziel :. If you go for int build and throwing weapons you should take Rune Weapon with modifiers, Transmutation as fast as possible. Thunder Strike is also a good choice.

Earth Enchantment gives you a good damage boost, if you have a higher skill level in Transmutation. Originally posted by SLK :. All of SLK already mentioned, 1 into Rune of Life, at least 1 to Sacred Rage and Frightening Power, at start points into Runeword: Explode and Runeword: Burn - it is great for throwing and has direct synergy with Earth mastery - you want to max those at some point.

Last edited by Raziel ; 24 Nov, pm. What about gear? What armor should I am for?Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Hello Everybody, I recently started a new char and decided to build it for magical melee damage.

There's some energy leech for more strom skills after some lvls. In the late game I will still have some skill points for improving. Also I should note that I intend to cap resistences with gear all the game the best I can. So there is some good defence coming from this choice.

The problem comes with the Attribute points and weapon of choice. Since the 2 points are connected, here are the weapons that I intend to have in the late game will have to farm for those, no choice. But as you can see, my doubt is about what path to take from here. If I go for swords which will give eventually better average dmg I guess I will have to invest to get to around for strenght and for dex thats for lord seth caos blade. I don't know which is better As you can see I'm also on a turning point in atribute allocation.

Can someone help diminish my crucial doubt? Thank you in advance! And sorry for the bad english. Showing 1 - 7 of 7 comments. Is a throwing weapon so much better than a meele? When i find one, i will give it a try. STR does you little good other than just to equip stuff, especially once you get Transmutation into ultimate levels.

One thing I don't know about is the order of damage conversions. Is a sword's physical divided by its pierce ratio before or after Transmutation or things like Hofud's elemental conversion take place?

I find that throwing weapon works very well as Thunderer. You should also look at the following items. Runeword: Feather helps with dealing with strength issues. Runeword only helps with weapons but not armour so you'll have to make do with int or dex based gear. You should look into picking up thunder strike as a RMB attack. For melee it acts as a charge and decent dmg with some CC. For throwing weapons, it fires 5x per weapon. I had a duel wielder and 10x projectiles was insane. My own Thunderer is a Thor themed build.

Rune weapon to buff int, thunder strike and lightning bolt for aoes, wisp, lightning aura, etc. And to make it challenging, no wall, lots of kiting instead. No the best build but interesting. Last edited by chris.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Twiggy View Profile View Posts. Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments. Mivo View Profile View Posts. It's also versatile. For stats, everything into INT with perhaps a few points into DEX to meet gear requirements you get almost enough from the masteries though and should get the rest on gear. I have no experience with the new Rune Master mastery yet.

titan quest builds reddit

Steelwind View Profile View Posts. A good starting character is Conquerer. Use the leftovers to get into any gear you find that you like. For skills put 2 into the matery and use 1 for skills within the mastery until you have maxed the masteries. You unlock higher level skills faster this way and build up your attributes.

Start with the Warfare mastery. Onslaught and Battlerage skill lines are good starts. I was mostly confused about what stats to put points into. I wasnt sure if i should put them into health or a random stat, just to be able to wear a certain piece of gear i looted. I also died a lot at the 2nd boss i think his name was nessus or something, he was a centaur so i was basically stuck Originally posted by ciaradesu :.

Titan Quest Universe- 10 Fast Tips For Beginners in 2020

If you need help i can kill him for you and then you are on your own. Which class are you?

titan quest builds reddit

If you want an easy time but don't want a full build, I can give you this: Step 1: Level to 2 Step 2: Pick Earth mastery and put one point in Flame surge and one in Flame enchantment.Melee Thane: The middle weight An Act by Act guild, Part 1 I have hated this class for 4 years now because I could never make it work, but after making a few enquires I have found out I was doing it wrong by miles and it was lack of understanding not the class that sucked. Before I get to ….

The idea is not new. The basic concept exists since Diablo, too — rack up a lot of elemental bonus damage per hit, then …. So why choose a spellbinder instead of a spellbreaker. I like tank classes, not having to worry about constatly …. Each section follows her changes and growth. Both Nature and Dream boost int, and give a smattering of str and dex. The little bit of Str and Dex was not enough to wear top ….

This build does not make your Ranger a tank, if you think you can follow this and then run up to Hades and stand still for even a second you are in the wrong place. This character is very mobile and relies …. My first TQ-toon ever was an Assassin and I instantly fell in love with the skill. But i really liked my battlemage so decided to go for a juggernaut this time.

I looked for a good juggernaut build on the net but only found a few. I decided to start this guide when i completed act 1 on normal difficulty so the …. Petmancer Illusionist This is part guide, part resource manual.

The petmancer illusionist is very straightforward at least the path I took. This build starts out and in fact plays almost all the way through Normal as a straight Wanderer. Tyr made a great guide for beginning Wanderers. I would recommend anyone thinking of playing a petmancer start there, it ….

This forum has some …. In normal difficulty, this makes killing …. The first guide I looked at for a Spear Brigand involved using a bow for 54 levels of the game then switching to the spear after that, but to me a Spear Brigand uses a spear from level 1. So, after some really good advice from Zaptue, I managed to make a successful and very powerful Spear Brigand, so powerful …. So what defines the Bone Charmer? There are many ways to play this build. However, I like the ….

Note before reading In this guide you shall find directives and suggestions, tips shall we say. I will not tell you that you need to get some kind of gear or something, I will let that to you.

I will discuss each …. Without buffs, progress in Legendary is sluggish at best. Pet bonuses do not help them in the regular game, and burn damage has little effect beyond looking nice.Sign in to add this item to your wishlist, follow it, or mark it as not interested.

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Class Guides

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