Tecno y2 not charging

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A Phone that does not charge, easily becomes a headache. One or more of us has experienced this problem. Causes may be temporary — related to system changes, or permanent hardware problem. We list the problems and likely Solutions next. Book a Phone Repair. Wall sockets, extension cables, adaptors, etc. An unstable electric current may have caused the socket to burn unknown to you. Simply unplug your phone, then check another Socket and you can smile again.

A wrongly twisted USB cable, can render it useless. Is your USB cable okay? Most smartphone chargers come separately now, so you can simply ask a friend or colleague for theirs and use it to test. Replace the Adapter at a reputable phone accessory retail store, if you find that this is the cause. If your TECNO phone stopped charging suddenly, you need to review Apps you downloaded following up to the moment it stopped.

So, check, review and uninstall. Your phone might just need a fresh start, following prolonged usage. Updates enhance the performance of mobile devices. When an update is not applied to a system, you run the risk of encountering and sustaining problems that may have already been fixed. This will permanently take out any software glitch preventing your phone from charging. But please note reset the phone will erase all the data on your phone so make a backup of data firstly.

Ultimately, this is your final step. We make use of original accessories only during repair and have multiple means whereby you may connect with us throughout the process. Download apps for free without using data. Carlcare online mall is live now. Free doorstep delivery service for phone repair in lagos, Negiria.Tecno is not exactly a globally renowned phone brand. Tecno phones are, hence, designed in a rather locally-tailored manner and often aim to deliver the best possible value and lowest price point.

A quick look at our Tecno page and you will see that they are not sitting still. They've started regularly coming up on our radar, and the Camon 16 Premier is the first Tecno device to officially make it to our grounds for a full review checkup. One noteworthy consequence of Tecno's aggressive price-subsidizing strategy is the high number of pre-loaded apps and various ads, baked right into their phone's OS. That, unfortunately, tends to be one aspect that instantly stands-out when looking at Tecno devices from a Western standpoint.

On the flip side, however, you can't complain that the their devices lack character and visual distinction. Tecno's parent-company, Transsion, is not very well know to end-users by its name. Still, many consumers in the markets we mentioned will recognize at least one brand in their portfolio which also includes Infinix and Itel. For instance, the three brands counted together put Transsion group at the sixth spot among smartphone manufacturers in India just a year ago, just to put things into perspective.

With the introductions out of the way, the Tecno Camon 16 Premier is the latest device in Tecno's lineup. If all of this sounds incredibly familiar to you, it should.

Minor design differences aside, the Tecno Camon 16 Premier is almost a carbon copy of the Infinix Zero 8. A phone which we also recently put through our rigorous review process. Just because Transsion and its subsidiaries, like Tecno have managed to carve themselves a nifty little niche, doesn't mean that they are universally beloved and free of controversy.

On the contrary. After publishing our Infinix Zero 8 review and reading many of your comments and opinions, it seems that many users don't hold some of the company's practices in high regard. Especially the high volume of ads and sponsored content meant to subsidize devices and bring down costs. For better or worse, that's the reality with the Tecno Camon 16 Premier, as well.

Sure, there are certain differences between the Camon 16 and the Infinix Zero 8. But, overall, even on a software level, the two are nearly identical.Tecno Y2 is a smartphone that was released in March It supports a dual mini SIM functionality and is an entry level gadget. It runs on the Android 4. This phone is available from various retail stores in Kenya such as Jumia.

Tecno Y2 price in Kenya is considerable as will be revealed in the Tecno Y2 review below. The design of Tecno Y2 is just simple. It has a 4.

Tecno Spark 2 Problems & How To Fix Them

It is relatively very light and a person can carry it around comfortably. A customer can access the phone in a white or black color. Unfortunately, the general make of this phone is not enticing compared to other phones in the market today. This is because it has minimal protection from dust and water.

It is not waterproof; meaning that exposure to water can render it damaged. Additionally, it fails to have security features such as the fingerprint sensors. You might need to use passwords as a way of protecting data in your Tecno 2 from unauthorized access. The only sensors it has are for accelerometer and proximity. The screen of the Tecno Y2 is 4. The screen resolution is x pixels and it is multi touch.

It supports ppi pixel density. Unfortunately, the screen does not provide any form of protection from dust or water.

All Android Phones: How to Fix Charging Problems, Won't Charge, Slow Charge, Boot Loop, etc

Additionally, it is not made of glass, meaning that it can easily left with scratch marks. When compared to other forms today, Tecno Y2 has a very simple display and there is a lot that could be done to enhance the appearance and make of the screen.

As such, as a user, you have to handle the phone carefully and also use some protective covers so that it stays in a pristine condition. The Tecno Y2 operates on a 1. This is a relatively fast processor considering the specifications of this phone.

It prevents the phone from hanging and functions being executed fast on the Tecno Y2. The phone has an internal storage capacity of 8GB. The best thing is that this memory can be expanded to 32GB through a microSD card. Techno Y2 comes with a non-removable battery of Lithium Ion mAh. This battery cannot be fast charged or charged wirelessly. The life of the battery depends on how it is being used. For instance Wi-Fi connection can cause the charge to deplete faster as compared to when the phone is on standby mode.

Techno Y2 uses a 3. It also has loudspeaker features. Upgrades to this phone should consider noise cancellation features to enhance the quality of the calls. The OS of a phone determines its performance capabilities. Tecno Y2 runs on Android v4.

tecno y2 not charging

The benefit of this OS is that it optimizes the memory of the device. It also improves the touchscreen so that the phone responds faster and accurately.Like Like. Like Liked by 2 people. My techno f7 screen just went blank. Pls help. Like Liked by 1 person. Gabriel, recently I bought Techno Y6 which works with my pc whenever I am transferring files via bluetooth. But now, my pc can no longer find my techno device. Pls what do I do? To install the game on my phone is the problem.

My Tecno H5 just suddenly went blank. It does not come-on again all attempts to switch it on is not working. What is the problem, and what do I do? I have a tecno H5 that keeps showing the error message android process has stopped. I need help. I need help pls.

My tecno mobile phantom z A7 is stope 3G network service it works only 2G network the setting is correctly set up what is the solutions please? Hello, I just performed a factory data reset in my techno H6 phone a few hours ago and picking the networks in both SIM is a problem. Please help me resolve the problem! My techno T9 always shows no service whenever am in my room but brings the network when am out.

Pls my tecno h5 voice call setting is tampered and when i try to call the scarsease goes off. Tell me what to do. My techno T7 screen remains blank or blinks at interval when I initiate a call then I find it difficult to end my call… what must I do to resolve this issue. MyTecno H5,was persistently indicated unfortunately launcher has stopped,It hangs and heats often times.

I am urgently requesting for a lasting solution if there is any.Last Updated on September 21, by Larious. But it could be really confusing when you discover your android phone not charging when connected to your charger only for your battery percentage to remain at the same level for hours or in fact drop steadily. Lets Get Started. I hope after reading the above article, you would treat your battery with care and wait and find out the actual reason before jumping to buy accessories to get it fixed.

Kindly drop all your comments below. If your Android phone is lagging, losing battery life too quickly, or is overheating often, then you should be worried because it might have been hijacked by a cryptocurrency miner. These are the guys and gals who are figuring out complex problems to earn a new Bitcoin, or one of several other virtual currencies. These mathematical problems, used to verify cryptocurrency transactions, require serious processing power, more than what is available from a single smartphone.

This is accomplished by having ignorant smartphone users install an app that has malicious software inside. This is why extra security measure is expected from Google to protect users. Is there any relationship between the two? There is no relationship linking flashing and battery issue. I guess you should try and flash the device successfully and see how it goes.

My phone is charging but not increasing percentage. Another observation is that it drains faster. This could be an issue with the android device, How long have you been using the device? Seems it requires an upgrade. Get a new device. Try and flash or factory reset the device to fix all these malfunctions, Always back up your files first.

My Infinix hot note x 4G only charges when its off…when i switch on it stops charging,what could be the problem? That is quite weird, Its obvious your battery needs replacement or the charger your using is fake, try changing the battery and charger.

I have the same problem with my infinix zero. I managed to charge it to 20 percent and i dowloaded a booster to save my battery built in ultra power saver mode doesnt help anymore and as soon as i unplugged the cable off my zero the charge went from 20 to 10 percent.

From 10 it went to 7 percent. And it continued to drain to 0 percent. Thinking it might be an error or bug i went to use factory reset. Done it 3 times could only charge to 2 percent. I used mAH 1A and 2A to charge it. Is it safe to assume that my zeroes battery is dead and how much to replace it should i just buy a new one. Got few questions, Have you changed the battery and see if this still continues? Am contemplating changing d charging port, I need your advice pls.

Thank you. Did you make use a original charger? Most chargers are fake and always slow when charging. Try using a original travelers charger to charge the device.

Tecno Y2 Price full Features and specification

Or you can try and replace the battery if that did not work. Please it is not your charging port, do not waste money changing what is not faulty. Please i had the same problem with my infinix X phone.Hello, our dear readers.

Welcome ones again to the technology sage website.

tecno y2 not charging

If you are having Tecno Y2 clone smartphone and it is dead after flashing, then sit tight. I am going to show you how to fix this problem. Many times we are always facing problems in Android devices. Even if you have a new gadget, it will one day run into problems. I am not a prophet of doom but, yes, it happens. When android software issues come knocking, many times the last resolution is to flash a new stock ROM.

But if we are not careful, bad things can happen and we end up with a bricked phone. If it is not charging or booting up even after successfully being flashed, then unfortunately you are holding in your hands a bricked Tecno Y2 clone phone.

I know it is the worst feeling of despair and confusion. You keep asking yourself why and what could be the problem.

tecno y2 not charging

Personally I have gone through that and I know what it means. But worry not. Luckily, there is a way you can revive a dead Tecno Y2 Clone dead after flashing. The following are some of the material you will be required to have for the success of this process:.

Now, I have personally gone through this agony and I know how it feels that Is why I have come up with this article. In the future, try to check the original firmware.

You can check this from the recovery menu when you try to do a hard reset. Anyway, I hope this article has helped you greatly. Kindly remember to subscribe and share. If you have any issues, kindly let me know in the comments section. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information.

Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Technology Sage. Hey Buddy!Other Tecno users are not eligible.

Hi yomi,my tecno l9 keeps screen locking itself whenever I try to put it on after charging. So I press the power button for 15 secs to restart but I constantly have to do this at least five times before the phone screen responds,is the phone bad and what can I do?? Hello Haliyah, Sorry about what you are passing through. It is a bug that can only be fixed by updating your phone or factory resetting it.

But if not, I will advice you factory reset it and it will fix it completely. Pls good afternoon i have a problem with my screen just woke up and notice black vertical lines at the bottom of d screen pls what can i do?

It appears your RAM on that device is low, and you have too much cache stored. Go to settings, click on apps, open each apps an clear its cache. Once done, reboot your phone and check the performance with your data ON. Its me Faith who complained about Tecno spark 5 She said when she plugged it it was showing the normal light and was showing Tecno logo and said your phone has been corrupted.

Note: the guide above will work with everyone experiencing that issue. I can also provide a video tutorials too if you want. You is outdated and needs to be updated as soon as possible. Go to settings, about phone and check if update is available for your device. I can always guide you on how to do that. My techno spark2 k9 is stuck in the techno logo and I try to do hard. Rest but the phone did not link with factory rest.

I press up and power bolting but still not link or show factory rest system it only show techno logo pls what can I do please help my email is oyedele. Hi, Your Tecno is bricked.