Kydex sheath dangler

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Kydex dangler made of kydex mounting plateHeavy wire D-Ring and belt loop fastened to the sheath with high grade machined black oxide steel Chicago screws. Ambidextrous sheath with the ability to mount attachments on either side for left or right hand carry. Note: dangler system does require a left or right version. NOTE: Most makers cut costs by using ONLY what's "necessary" to hold the two Kydex halves together which means short eyelets which means tiny flange spread that can easily pull out!

So be sure to compare!! All Armorsheaths sheaths are modular and can build into any style rig you desire for whatever adventure you seek. Knife and Firesteel NOT included. Please allow days to create your sheath.

These are custom made and require time to make. I do not keep ready made sheaths with custom upgrades and requests that require adjustments and redesign. Close menu. Close cart. Kydex assembled with extra long barreled eyelets for added assembly strength. Drain system is drilled slot through the very tip of the sheath.Forums Recent Posts New posts.

kydex sheath dangler

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kydex sheath dangler

New posts. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Need help with a dangler for my Bk9 kydex sheath. Thread starter Kona9 Start date Jul 14, Kona9 Supporter Supporter. I bought this Valhalla taco style kydex sheath off of Amazon a few weeks back. I had a bunch of Amazon credit saved up and it looked like it would be well made.

It has a very positive click when inserting the knife and holds the blade securely. Perhaps extra secure due to the thicker micarta scales. Part of why I picked this sheath over others is that Valhalla provides a kydex belt attachment. As you can see in the pics, the belt attachment can be mounted horizontal normal belt mode as well as vertical.

Mounting it vertical was my idea all along as I want to put a dangler on it. I have the scuba belt webbing that I want to use for the dangler but wanted to see if I could get some ideas from the forum on how to attach the webbing securely.

My latest idea was to just sew a seam above and below the belt attachment. That might be the easiest and cheapest way. I want it to be a permanent solution and cheap as I doubt I will carry this knife on my belt much. The BK9 is more of a pack knife to me, but it would be nice to be able to wear the sheath while using it and I like danglers.

kydex sheath dangler

Let me know your thoughts. PAcanis Bushwhacker Lifetime Supporter. Sewing would look nice, but the down and dirty way, IMO, would be to burn a hole in the nylon with a red hot nail and fasten it with a Chicago screw. If you fold the strap in on itself, creating a hem on both ends, that should add enough thickness that a short screw would tighten on it.

Creaky Bones Survivor Supporter. PAcanis said:. Hatfield Midnight Joker 42 Lifetime Supporter. Bushcraft Friend. I might have gone a different route entirely. Not to say current ideas are not workable.Each order is carefully handcrafted to your specifications.

Due to covid causing a delay in receiving supplies, I am unable to guarantee a shipping date. Each order will be completed as soon as physically able. I remain committed to never sacrifice on quality. Many years of experience have gone into the design of this highly functional, quality sheath.

We use our sheaths in the woods and understand how important it is that your sheath works for you. This pancake style sheath is our prefered design. Not only does this style give more options and versatility for adding accessories, but it also has a nicer, more consistent retention and ease of use. Add milled slots for even more versatility. Each sheath is individually handcrafted for the best retention, strength, and quality.

Because each sheath is handcrafted not mass-produced by machine, please expect minor variances in each sheath. The retention on this sheath is great - nice and tight with a smooth draw.

How to make a kydex sheath for your knife (tutorial)

Each sheath is individually tested for the best retention by shaking upside down. You will have no worries of your knife falling out during normal use. This tight retention would make it difficult to remove the sheath if it weren't for our special thumb break design that allows for an easy draw. Disclaimer: the knife will come out if forcibly whipped. If it didn't you wouldn't be able to draw it smoothly.

But the force it takes to whip the knife out of the sheath does not typically ocur during normal use. We specifically choose to use. This provides a stronger, more rigid sheath with less flex and a consistent, reliable retention. Please note that the camo colors only come in. The blade rub in this sheath is minimal. Before molding each sheath, the knife is meticulously wraped with several layers of tape specifically on the blade to provide the extra space needed to prevent the dulling of your knife.Welcome to Komox Custom Kydex.

Sheath systems quite often include other attached items such as ferro rods, companion knives. Pancake style sheaths. This is where 2 separate pieces of Kydex, Holstex or Boltoran We'll call it "material" are used with the knife, tool or other object placed between. The material is then molded around it. In addition, there are tons of mounting options - for additional equipment like a companion knife, ferro rod, light source, etc Pancake styles are well suited for leg straps to keep the knife snug to your leg.

However, it also makes the sheath much larger than it needs to be. For the most part, this is a personal choice. Foldover or "Taco" style sheaths. This is where a single piece of Kydex, Holstex or Boltoran We'll call it "material" is used with the knife, tool or other object. This method allows fewer but usually plenty of mounting options - even for a companion knife, ferro rod, light source, etc This method allows for a considerably slimmer sheath than the pancake style.

This is my personal preference but, everyone is different. Taco styles don't lend themselves well to strapping but, they are excellent types for use with paracord for keeping the knife snug to your leg. Mounting Options.

Foldover or "Taco" style sheaths This is where a single piece of Kydex, Holstex or Boltoran We'll call it "material" is used with the knife, tool or other object.A very rugged sheath made of. Eyelets are the weakest link in the entire assembly and it does not do any good of "improving" the quality of your sheath if you are not using high quality material in every aspect of the build.

I also use longer barrel eyelets to improve the Flange on the opposite side of the eyelets when pressed! The longer barrel allows for a larger Flange when pressed, giving more area to hold onto the kydex creating a stronger assembly and also to improve the "look" matching closer to the flange on the opposite side. I have been making Custom Kydex sheaths for many years and I have used pretty much every brand of eyelets and hardware.

There are cheap quality eyelets in the market that split because of the low quality alloy and very thin walls of the eyelets. There is a youtube review on my sheaths and they explained how a lot of the hardware out there seems to strip out after repeated assembly and disassembly and my hardware passed the durability test. The sheath has a solid "click" when the knife is put away and a solid retention that allows the user to to carry the knife inverted or scout carry without worry of losing the knife!

If you happen to have an eyelet go bad send it back to me and I will replace the eyelet at no cost, you just cover the shipping. The drainage system is drilled at tip of the sheath. No holes on the sides of the sheath. Otherwise it will come in Standard Black! If your interested in CAMO please contact me before you make a purchase.

If you are interested in any custom orders just contact me and we can discuss. I carry close to knives so if I do not have one you can send yours to me. OR If you are interested in a different belt attachment please contact me and we can reconfigure the setup for your needs. This sheath is setup in "right side" right hand carry If you need left hand carry let me know.

kydex sheath dangler

The reason is due to the dangler design, it will need to be a dangler with opposite configuration for Lefty's. Otherwise the sheath itself IS Ambidextrous Please keep that in mind International shipping is 1st Class to keep costs down.Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them?

Brown - Sheath Dangler

Give them the gift of choice with a White River Knives gift card. Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees. The new sheath design is contoured to frame the blade profile for a reliable hold and sleek, lightweight wearability.

This product is currently out of stock. It will take weeks to ship. With this multi-purpose sheath, you can wear your White River knife on your neck, boot, or belt. Includes a belt loop attachment, and a neck lanyard made of approximately 3 feet of black para-cord with a safety-breakaway closure. Available in Black or Orange. This is determined by measuring the width of the slot in the handle of the knife.

Dangler sheath adapter for Esee stock sheaths

Select your version before ordering. Includes a belt loop attachment, ferro rod holder, and ferro rod. Made in the U. Close menu. Home Knives. Custom Shop. Quick view. Ferro Rod - Black Nylon Handle.

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