Iveco daily 2019

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iveco daily 2019

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Tractors MF pack converted v1.Our test vehicle, equipped as it is with chunky inch mud-terrain tyres, fairly towers over most other vehicles on the road.

iveco daily 2019

In fact, at a height of over 2. Yes, you can forget about multi-story car parks in the Daily 4x4, but then doing the weekly shopping run is about as far as you can get from this rugged vehicle's design brief. Rather, this battle wagon is all about off-road ability, and when viewed on those terms it's right up there with the best. The IVECO Daily 4x4 is largely aimed at fleets that require a hardy off-road machine that can conquer some seriously adverse conditions — think mining companies, energy companies and emergency services.

However, this light commercial vehicle has also been steadily refined over the years to the point that it's now a feasible option for the adventure RV set, or even just hardcore off-roaders who want to go 'above and beyond' in their forays off the beaten track.

The Daily 4x4 was updated recently and, while only a mild revision, it now boasts some upgrades and improvements that will catch the eye of many prospective buyers. Headlining the list are front airbags for both the driver and front passenger, which cap off a reasonably comprehensive suite of safety tech that includes electronic stability control, antilock brakes with brake force distributionswitchable traction control, rollover mitigation and a hill holder function, among others.

The addition of airbags could well be enough to get many fleet buyers across the line, as the feature is a mandatory aspect of many corporate WHS policies these days. The front grille now adopts a fresh design but, more importantly, an extra 10hp and 30Nm have been coaxed from IVECO's 3. All worthy updates, for sure, but the Daily 4x4's robust mechanical underpinnings remain — and that's where the true appeal of this vehicle lies.

IVECO knows commercial vehicles and it manufacturers everything from the Daily right up to prime movers, and that imperative for strength is clearly at play in the Daily 4x4. With a high-tensile box-section steel chassis, this truck rides on parabolic leaf springs with shockers at all four corners — independent up front and with a live axle at the rear — with 28mm stabiliser bars at each end.

With its inch Hankook DynaPro MT tyres, we measured a ground clearance of mm under the front and rear diffs, while the Daily 4x4 also boasts some pretty darn healthy off-road geometry, with approach, rampover and departure angles of 48, and 39 degrees respectively. Then we come to the driveline. The Daily 4x4 comes standard with triple differential locks — centre, rear and front — plus not one but two reduction gears, giving a total of 24 gears from its basic six-speed manual transmission.

Our test vehicle is also equipped with a range of off-road-centric accessories, such as the bullbar, roll cage, Narva lighting package front LED light bar and driving lights, plus rear lightsthe lockable toolbox, front and rear recovery points, and the dropside tray, along with the distinctive camo paint job.

We're talking a hefty kg for the dual-cab or kg with the factory GVM upgrade. That's a no-cost option, but it means you'll need a light truck licence to legally drive this otherwise car-licence-friendly fourbie. As you'd expect, the maximum payload for the single-cab is even higher — kg, or a whopping kg with the GVM upgrade.

We didn't tow with this Daily 4x4 but we certainly put its four-wheel drive prowess to the test, taking it to Wombat State Forest, to Melbourne's north-west, for a thorough shakedown.

The noise levels in this updated IVECO Daily 4x4 do seem lower but it's still a pretty noisy environment, an aspect clearly not helped by the road noise of those chunky mud-terrain tyres. Of course, the first challenge of Daily 4x4 ownership begins with climbing into the thing.

That sturdy foot step is over half-a-metre off the deck, and because the driver and front passenger footwells are located quite a way aft of the A-pillar grab handles, a little bit of flexibility is an asset when jumping in.

Once behind the wheel, however, life is good. The large split side mirrors, skinny A-pillars and towering ride height deliver excellent vision pretty much all the way around the Daily 4x4, and even the view immediately ahead and down is pretty decent courtesy of the steeply raked bonnet. Of course, it's anyone's guess what might be happening at the rear beneath that high tray, which is where the reversing camera is invaluable. It's just a bit of a pity then that the camera's display on the multimedia screen was nigh on impossible to read in direct sunlight.

The tray is a drop-side affair and thankfully it has integrated steps either side should you need to climb in.EVA is building a massive collection of 'high-end only', parts and accessories. This website is being added to daily. Sign up to our newsletter to see what we are up to.

Check out our full lineup of accessories to help you build your touring weapon. Protection Jungle 4x4 ATD. Meet our lovely team! There are a limited number of SCAM based chassis remaining. Act NOW or miss out forever, on what is a rare moment when the planets align.

IFS trucks are based entirely on the 2wd Iveco chassis. Please call for detailed information. The new Daily 4x4, entirely manufactured by IVECO, offers for the first time a full line up of off- and all-road vehicles with cab, van, chassis cowl and crew cab versions. The new Daily 4x4 family features the hp, 3. It extends the offering with the new all-wheel drive configurations, a choice of manual and the class-exclusive 8-speed Hi-Matic gearbox, new van versions, and the unique 7-tonne GVW 4x4 vehicle with payload up to 4, kg.

The new Daily 4x4 line up offers cab, chassis cowl and crew cab models in 3. Customers can choose the manual transmission with 12 forward and 2 reverse gears or opt for the absolute driving pleasure of the class-exclusive Hi-Matic automated transmission with 16 forward and 2 reverse gears. The spacious vans offer cargo volumes ranging from 9 to 18 m3 for the single wheel off-road and from 16 to 18 m3 for the twin wheel all-road.

At the top of the range, the line-up introduces an industry first: the new 7. With payload up to 4, kg, maximum load of 2, kg on the front axle and 5, on the rear axle, and body lengths up to 5 metres, this new line takes the versatility of the Daily 4x4 to a new level.

This entails multiple advantages for customers, such as warranty coverage of the entire vehicle and reduced lead time for delivery. The new Daily 4x4 is ready to take on every mission, on- and off-road, with an extensive line up, unique strength, and superior driving comfort.

More information can be found here. Sign up for our Newsletter Get a sneak peek on upcoming promos! Sign up today!So much more than a commercial vehicle. The New Daily van is designed to help you operate your business sustainably and profitably. With the New Daily van, technology is at your service : when you spend the majority of your working day behind the wheel, you want your on-board living conditions and driving experience to be second to none.

Throughout its year history, the Daily has continuously made improvements, raising your living and driving experience to the highest levels in the industry. The New Daily van embraces connectivityunlocking a whole new world of highly personalised services precisely tailored to match your use of the vehicle and your requirements. It is your complete transport solution, custom-made for your business.

Whatever your business, you will find the perfect Daily van for your business, with the widest line-up in the industry. Customise your Daily from the extensive selection of bodywork solutions and choose the version that satisfies your transport requirements: panel van, semi-windowed and windowed van.

The wide offering of wheel bases, roof heights and rear overhangs results in a vast range of cargo volumes. In fact, the Daily is the only van offering cargo volumes from 7. Carry a bigger payload with the high-performance front suspensionwhich raises the maximum permissible load. You can count on a front axle maximum load capacity of up to kg on the 3.

Available in both light- and heavy-duty homologation with rated power ranging from to hp. The Daily VAN ADAS reduces the risk of accidents on motorways and busy city streets, help you in tricky situations and takes the stress away in heavy traffic — to the benefit of your quality of life on board.

New Iveco Daily revealed

Home Products On Road Light 3. Discover now. Discover more. Smooth and effortlessly manoeuvrable. It also damps vibration and compensates for drift and wheel unbalances, resulting in a feeling of great stability and control. Superior Driving Comfort and Ergonomics. You can make both axial and angular adjustments to the steering wheel and set up the perfect driving position for better comfort and ergonomics.It's not without its flaws, but the Daily is still one of heavyweight champions of the large van sector.

This means all vans get a maximum load width of mm, while load lengths range from mm to mm. Things are familiar under the bonnet too, with the Euro6 Fiat-sourced 2. Iveco hasn't released any economy figures, but it's promising 10 per cent fuel savings at lower urban speeds. The Daily gets an electric handbrake too, which should make life easier for short drop delivery drivers.

We sampled the Daily 2. The four-cylinder diesel has plenty of low-gear pull, with Nm of torque at rpm, but it's very vocal under heavy acceleration. The six-speed manual gearbox is temperamental too with notchy changes on both the up and downshift. Thankfully this can be fixed by specifying Iveco's excellent eight-speed automatic gearbox. The Daily is offered with an impressive array of driver tech, designed to take the strain out of motorway driving.

This includes a lane keep assist system, which prevents the van from wandering out of its lane due to side winds or the driver becoming distracted. Adaptive cruise control is also available, which maintains a safe distance between the Daily and the vehicle in front.

The van gets an automatic emergency city braking system too, which applies the brakes between mph if the on-board radar system detects a potential impact with another vehicle. Another important change under the metal is the introduction of all-electric power steering, which makes the Daily almost effortless to drive at lower speeds in and around town. The system features a city mode, which requires 70 per cent less effort to turn the wheel - perfect for navigating small city streets or guiding a long wheelbase van into a compact parking bay.

iveco daily 2019

Things are less impressive at higher speeds though, with the electric steering numbing the van's handling and providing much less feedback than the hydraulic system found in the old van. Things are not so bad on the motorway, but tackle a series of twisty B roads and the Daily's vague steering makes it difficult to judge the handling and rear-end grip levels. The cabin of the Daily is comfortable and large enough to accommodate three adults.

This means the infotainment screen mirrors the mobile phone display, while steering wheel controls make it easy to answer calls safely while on the move. However, while the cabin is large, comfortable and logically laid out, it feels somewhat lacking in quality compared to the Transit, Sprinter and Crafter with cheap plastics and switchgear.

The dashboard design is easy to navigate, but the infotainment screen is set quite low and this makes it difficult to read the nav map without looking away from the road. You do get lots of useful storage and the door pockets are large enough to accommodate a small laptop or tablet computer. The Daily has plenty to appeal to small businesses who want truck-like carrying capacity with van-like running costs.

Unlike its rivals, the Daily uses a separate ladder frame and body construction and this allows it to carry much more than its body built rivals, while providing more flexibility for converters who opt for the chassis cab model. Not everyone will require such a capable load hauler and it could be argued that - for lighter 3. Do I need a tachograph to tow? Would a 9-year-old van withmiles on the clock be an unwise purchase? Can you recommend a petrol van to replace my old, diesel Ford Transit? Can you recommend a double-cab pick-up truck?Heads up!

Highlighted items are for OEM wheels, the rest are replacement options. Found a bug? Have a question about Iveco Daily wheel specs? Share your knowledge! We are incredibly happy to announce that the new Wheel Size app is now available in the Google Play Store! Wheel Fitment for any car, your search history, news about professional tire tests — all in one app.

Use our database with daily updates on your website.

Iveco Daily 72C18

The widget is easy to use, it has a user-friendly interface and powerful Widget API! Please take a look at the Demo to see it in action. Install our widget on your website! Wheel- Size. Wheel fitment and tire size guide and knowledge base Last Update: April 15,a.

IVECO Daily 4x4 2019 Review

Search Form for vehicle model, tire size or rims Choose a tab below to get fitment data for your vehicle or to find vehicles matching your criteria. By vehicle what wheels will fit your car By tire size what vehicles use this tire size By rim size what vehicles use this rim size Add Wheel Size Widget to your website New!

Search by car make, year and model. Wheel Size Widget for your website! Search by rim size Specify values for fields below to find matching vehicles: Rim Diameter 10 12 13 14 15 16 VI [ Iveco Daily 33S 2.

It is measured in millimeters. Some factory wheels have a center bore that matches exactly with the hub to reduce vibration by keeping the wheel centered. Rim width in x rim diameter in J is mounting flange type.

ET35 is positive offset of 35mm.The latest Iveco Daily van may not have changed much in the looks department since its comprehensive refresh inbut under its familiar skin the latest light commercial vehicle from the Italian manufacturer has been brought up-to-date for with cleaner engines, an improved interior, select mechanical changes and a full suite of active safety and driver assistance systems.

The Iveco Daily remains one of the only vans on the market to use seperate chassis and body construction — rivals like the Mercedes Sprinter use unibody construction and so are typically only rated to carry much lighter payloads. The Daily can manage anything from 3. Although Iveco is affiliated with the wider FCA group that includes Fiat and Jeepits underpinnings are unique and are not shared with any other brand.

Iveco Daily 70C18HA8/P Refrigerated Lorry Truck (2020) Exterior and Interior

The new Daily is based on a version of the same platform as the outgoing model and is largely very similar; Iveco has only attempted to fix what its customers had asked for: improved driver comfort, fuel economy and technology — both in the cab and in the safety and driver assistance departments. The new Daily is powered by a choice of large four-cylinder diesel engines.

iveco daily 2019

This engine is even available modified to run on compressed natural gas CNG — with hp and Nm of torque — in the Daily Natural Power model. An electric parking brake is another new feature, as are optional LED headlights, hill descent control, City Mode steering and Traction Plus — a system that helps find grip on loose surfaces.

One of the biggest mechanical changes to the latest Daily over its predecessor is its electric power steering — added to improve fuel economy and to allow for the adoption of modern active driver assistance systems. The new steering dominates the driving experience and will be what most owners moving from older models will notice first; it feels lighter, a little faster and — thanks to the all-new smaller steering wheel — makes the Daily feel much more car-like than before.

Traditional Iveco sticking points still apply — the revised interior certainly looks better than before and seems hard-wearing enough, but the build quality is still not on par with the likes of Mercedes.

And while the new electric power steering will be a welcome addition for those working in urban areas, it feels a little vague at higher motorway speeds. At time of writing we are still in the dark as to the latest Iveco Daily's wider fuel economy and emissions figures. Iveco claims a 10 per cent improvement in efficiency across the board, but we'll have to wait to see how the Daily compares to its nearest rivals - and its previous iteration.

Features like bespoke Michelin eco tyres and the removal of the heavy hydraulic steering system of the old Daily should help here. For context, the previous Iveco Daily returned 34mpg on average on the combined cycle in its lightest-duty forms — though this figure was measured on the older NEDC test. The new Daily can be fitted with an optional telematics box which brings with it a number of connectivity features. Full official load space figures for the panel van version of the Iveco Daily are not available at time of writing, but Auto Express understands that all of the Daily's dimensions bar length owing to a new three-piece bumper that adds a few millimetres have been carried over from the previous model.

This means a load space that measures 1,mm between the wheel arches on all panel versions; the smallest available load area should measure-in at around 2,mm x 1,mm, with the largest with the longest wheelbase and highest roof offering a space of around 5,mm x 1,mm. Our test vehicle was the Daily panel van powered by the hp version of the 2. Around town a prod of the City Mode button lightens things up instantly — a godsend for urban delivery drivers everywhere.

Refinement at speed is good, with only some wind noise from the large door mirrors standing out as anything to complain about on a motorway cruise.