Final fantasy ps1 gameshark codes

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Last Modified: I need Gameshark codes for the playstation version of Final Fantasy 7. I already know many of them, so send me the titles of the codes or a short description of what they do and, if I have never heard of them before, I will accpect the answer and they you can send the actual codes in a comment.

That way, if I already have the codes, you won't have had to type in all of the or whatever. I would rather if they were tested so you know that they work.

final fantasy ps1 gameshark codes

Start Free Trial. View Solution Only. Commented: Final fantasy v advance game shark codes. Final fantasy 5. This page contains codebreaker gameshark cheat codes for final fantasy anthology for the playstation 1. Final fantasy 5 gameshark codes psx. Share from awesom 18 jan id Senin 26 oktober Sony reveals the first global tv spot for the playstation 5.

Find all our final fantasy vii game shark codes for playstation. Final fantasy ix gameshark codes psx also see cheats for more help on final fantasy ix. Plus great forums game help and a special question and answer system. Cloud tifa psx north america.

If you re playing on an emulator you can usually input codes very easily by accessing a tab off the top of the toolbar. All limit atacks infinite hp and mp. Game boy color gs.

Cheats for PlayStation (PSX) Games

All cheats and psone psx s gameshark codes. People using a physical console will need to purchase a physical codebreaker gameshark device to use the codes. Depending on if you re playing this game on a physical console or an emulator will determine how you use the codes found on this page.

final fantasy ps1 gameshark codes

Game shark codes. This page contains codebreaker cheat codes for final fantasy v advance usa. Anyone playing on a physical gameboy will need to purchase a physical codebreaker device to use these codes. Nintendo 64 gs. For final fantasy v on the playstation gamefaqs has 3 cheat codes and secrets. Cod reveals new title as call of duty black ops.

final fantasy ps1 gameshark codes

Max gp ff v ecfff efff have all magic ff v a effff infinite items ff v dc e7fd have all magic ff v effff effff effff effff effff e95affff. All limit attacks. Final fantasy anthology final fantasy v character codes faris codes 1 infinite hp e5f6 f 2 max hp e5f8 f 3 infinite mp e5fa 03e7 4 max mp e5fc 03e7 5 max vigor e 6 max speed e 7.

The best place to get cheats codes cheat codes hints tips tricks and secrets for the playstation psx. Home gameboy advance final fantasy v advance game shark codes.

Save Image.Fan Arts. Accessories Listing. Armors Listing. Chocobo Breeding Guide. Dating Guide. Enemy Skills Gameshark Codes. Items Listing. Key Items Listing. Limit Breaks. Materia Combos. Materia List. Monster Listing. Secrets and Tips. Status Effects. The Weapons Strategy. World Map [Media]. Animated GIFs. Screen Shots. Winamp Skins [Coverage]. Final Fantasy IV. Final Fantasy V.

Final Fantasy IX. Final Fantasy X. Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy XI. Final Fantasy XII.

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Final Fantasy Tactics. Kingdom Hearts. Chrono Cross. Chrono Trigger. Gameshark Codes I have tested all of the codes listed below and they all work. Feel free to send me gameshark codes. Code Effects. Final Fantasy Planet is a fan site and is not affiliated with Square.

Images are copyright of Square. No copyright violations intended.If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it. There is a neat little trick, and probably the coolest one in the game, that allows you to attack an enemy 64 times taking points of damage at the beggining of the battle.

Here's how it works. First, find an easy battle like near Midgar or Kalm. Destroy all but one enemy then cast stop on the remaining oppenent. Cast mini on two allies and have the other ally keeping close watch on the stopped enemy. Then using the allies that you cast mini on, attack the ally that doesn't have mini until their health is below and ends in 77 like or or so on and so forth.

When complete, finish the battle and don't get hit. Right before the battle you want to use Lucky 7's for, use potions or hi-potions until they have health. Now enter battle Note: After the battle is done, Lucky 7's will disappear and your health will drop to one even if you didn't get hit, but if you did get hit, you health will be unaffected.

The following are lists of materia combinations that will give you an advantage over tough enemies such as Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon. Also, all attack gauges for other characters are full at the begining of the battle which allows for an easy Mime to cast Knights of the Round twice again free of charge as long as chain is not broken.

You can do a lot by linking Cover materia with Counter materia. You'll need a Mastered Cover materia and as many Mastered Counter materia as possible. Now your charater can cover and take out a group of monsters in one counter. In Costa Del Sol during Disc 2 or 3go into the building at the other side of the bridge and talk to the man lying on the bed and he will ask if you want to buy it.

Make sure you have enough money before you talk to the man, because you can only talk about buying the place just once. It will costGil. The saved-game picture changes depending on what slot your game is saved in.

Here's the complete list:. When you first go to the Chocobo ranch you have to catch a chocobo to avoid the Midgarsorm. Well, I figured out a way to get the powerful Beta spell before the second disc. You need the Enemy skill materia, a Fire materia, and any elemental materia equipped on one person. Then just finish him off. This is tricky to pull off but if done correctly you will be set for a LONG time. To get to the Ancient Forest before disc 3, simply ride up the hill with a black, gold or green chocobo.

You'll also need Barrier Materia with the Reflect spell learned. When you enter battle, cast Reflect on the entire party, your party. Even though you casted the spell once, it will be reflected and returned to the enemy hitting for three times!

And for the same price of the usual MP's. What's even better is that if you have W-Magic, you can cast that spell twice, or two different spells both need to be connected to "All" Materia hitting for six times!!! This cheat can only be done in the third disc.

Final fantasy VII Cheat Codes At Work

First, go to the Northern cave and look for mole like creatures with a star above thier heads, also holding a knife and a lantern. Steal an elixir from them and then run away. After that, look for these small creatures in a floating pot.Note 3: With these codes, you have to set the magic modifier to something higher than zero, or use Max Level Magic Modifier Below.

Magic Modifier Codes [Note 2] 16 Slot 1 00??

GameShark Style Cheating Finally Comes to PS4 With Save Wizard

It might not always be the same character too, you just have to experiment until you find the correct codes. Yogi Suprayogi 20 Juli Tambahkan komentar. Muat yang lain Posting Lama Beranda. Langganan: Posting Komentar Atom. TK, dimana kamu-kamu yang sedang bernostalgia dengan konsol PSone-mu, ingin bersenang senang memainkannya lagi dengan santai, mungkin kamu juga sedang bawa konsolnya ke tempat liburan yang sedang kamu kunjungi, di Bali misalnya, sambil ngumpet-ngumpet bawa konsol PSone di ranselmu, atau mungkin kamu memainkannya di EMULATOR nanti saya buat tutorialnya, janji deh!

Eh, ternyata kamu berniat nostalgia sambil having fun, bukannya fokus untuk menamatkan kembali saja, kamu biasa main game DRIVER misalnya, namun bukan secara biasa.

Lalu tiba-tiba kamu ingin memakai gameshark. Namun kode-kode di CD hanya kode-kode sederhana dan sejalan dengan game! Lalu kamu mengambil Handphonemu, atau mungkin laptop yang disertai wi-fi gini gak sih tulisan baca : wayfay? TK, walaupun tidak disengaja untuk pertama kalinya. Kamu lantas jingkrak kegirangan. Buru-buru sign in di Blog yang kamu punya, dan jadi pengikut setia hehe.

Atau mungkin kau copy-paste dulu ke word? Gak jadi masalah. Jadi, disinilah saat kamu mulai lupa tujuanmu untuk belanja di Bali. TK ini. Yap, dari segi cerita PSONE Lebih kompleks dan rata-rata karena grafik yang belum begitu bagus, para pembuat game fokus di jalan cerita, dan mereka berhasil.

Code List :. Lihat profil lengkapku. Jawab: Joker Command? Ok saya akan jawab. Joker command adalah sebuah code dalam bentuk hex untuk gameshark codes yang digunakan untuk "menemani" sebuah kode, hingga kode yang ditemaninya tersebut bisa diaktifkan sewaktu-waktu saja.

Contoh seperti jika kamu sering mendengar kode seperti ini: Tekan L1 untuk Infinite Damage. Itu menggunakan Joker codes. Kamu hanya perlu menambah joker codes sebelum kode yang kamu mau aktifkan. Contoh nih, saya mau main Harvestmoon : Back to Nature.Net and found out this is what you gotta do, first get a chocobo next, get its mountain upgrade and once that's done you can find Dead Peppers while playing the chocobo's Hot and Cold game so good luck and have fun.

Trance can be very tricky to obtain. The only way to achieve it is to be attacked by an enemy, allies don't count. Each character has their own Trance skills and will gain new skills as they progress throughout the game by learning abilities from equipment to as far as eating the enemy. Take Zidane for instance. Zidane's Dyne Skills all do Physical damage to either one or all of your enemies and are very strong. He learns new Dyne Skills by getting new weapons and mastering their abilities.

Once an ability is mastered Zidane will learn a new trance move. And as for eating the enemy, that's only for Quina, that's how she learns her Blue Magic spells, by eating different monsters. The "Bug Fairy" cheat code listed here at cheatcodes is actually a Friendly "Ladybird, " part of the series of Friendlies. Each asks you for a jewel, like an Ore at first, then gives you a jewel for the next Friendly whom they name.

Like "say hi to Ladybird for me. Grand Dragons, found initially by climbing up the vine from the Moogle save in Gizamaluke's Grotto, provide the best leveling up in the entire game. They are best from the moment you can beat them to the end of the game better than Epitaphs even. Instead, head over to G's Grotto and climb the vine back by the moogle later in the game there are other ways to get there, of course. Run thru the woods up there the Garuda's cast Stop and there's no way to prevent that yet.

The Dragons, and no other enemies, appear in the grassy area it's called Popo Hts To prepare, you'll need all chars. Equipped with Auto-Reflect. Equip the best Def. Armor etc you have, and don't forget to equip Level-Up and Ability-Up for everyone who has them. In the fight, have Vivi cast Bio, or his strongest spell you have, against the party so it reflects off them and hits for 4 times the normal damage.

That and the Dragon's own Thundaga spell, which oddly bounces back and damages the dragon, will do him in quickly. Revive people if you want, but it's easier to spend that time once u've gained a few levels. If all 4 survive they get just over 8, EXP pts. I started at level 25 or so, and literally leveled up 1 or 2 levels after each fight. I kept going for about 3 hours and everyone was at level I spent time going back catching frogs, so I had like 45 or so and Frog Drop hit for more than Zidane's best attack.

Later in the game, you can toy with Auto-Life and Level 5 death Dragons are lev Note, you COULD equip Coral Rings instead of auto-reflect, but altho u'll absorb the Dragon's Thunderaga, you won't be able to reflect Vivi's spells off ur party to increase the damage, and also the dragon's Thunder won't be hurting himself.

His claw attacks will kill low level characters in one swipe, so be careful if you choose that battle plan. Be sure to save before climbing the vine up there to them, those Garuda could be game-ending. I made another save up there past the woods.

The 1st fights are tuff, but you'll level up so fast u'll soon forget that and start having lots of fun. BTW, an oft forgotten trick: any character who is "Defending" as their action in the fight will STOP defending if you set them to Defend again in their next turn. That is, they become vulnerable for almost an entire turn before they again return to the Defend stance. So, do NOT reselect Defend!

That way they'll never have that vulnerable time.Register - Forgot Password. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook.

Remember sticking that GameShark on to the back of your PS1 and flipping the switch to toggle on some game-breaking codes for your favorite games?

How hilarious, and how liberating was the feeling of turning on a stale or worn-out game and having it shine brand new again thanks to unlimited currency, fast level ups, or infinite item power-ups?! We've missed cheating so much, but Save Wizard has brought it back on PS4. Save Wizard for PS4 is a service that promises to revive the glory days of console cheats, and from what I can tell, it's doing that with great success. The Save Wizard team is comprised folks who have spent over 30 years working on cheat devices, including the beloved, recently-eulogized GameShark.

These guys know what they're doing, and the appeal of true console cheats for current-gen PS4 games was just too sweet to resist, so I reached out to them for a trial run. Here's the deal: Save Wizard is a service that will, you guessed it, edit your PS4 game saves and apply pre-selected cheats.

Say you want to give yourself 9, Blood Echoes in Bloodborne so that you can upgrade your character to use any weapon you want and buy any item you want.

Final Fantasy VII Gameshark Codes

All you have to do is pop a thumb-drive into your PS4, transfer your Bloodborne save to that drive, and then stick it into your computer. From there you'll boot up the Save Wizard client, and it should automatically detect that game save. You'll select the cheats you want, hit apply, and then Save Wizard will apply those cheats server-side to your save.

Stick the thumb drive back into your PS4, copy that save back over, boot up the game, and boom! You have a ton of Blood Echoes to play with, and suddenly Bloodborne is looking a lot more fun than it was ten minutes ago.

I ended up applying cheats to about seven games that had been doomed to my backlog; games that I never thought I'd want to play again. Now I'm having the time of my life with them, and I don't have to worry about wasting my time grinding through some of the more intimidating RPGs. Like with the Game Genie and GameShark, many games are supported by Save Wizard and many are not, but there are new games being added every week.

Currently, over games have cheats ready to go. You paid for your GameShark, right? This isn't just a save replacement program. You're not swapping out your save for someone else's save who has more currency or stuff than you.

These are your saves, and the Save Wizard program will be editing your saves on their servers as a service. That's what you're paying for: the ability to pick you game up right where you left off but with some gnarly cheats added on. Save Wizard provided me with a day subscription in order to test the service, so I'm not writing this review as someone sitting high with years of free cheats.

I'm just like you guys. If you're exhausted by your backlog, and bummed out because you feel bored despite having way too many games to play, you owe it to yourself to revive your interest in the games that you have. Persona 5 and Bloodborne are two incredible games that I just didn't have time for anymore. I wanted so badly to play them both, but I just did not have the time to dedicate to grinding them out.

I didn't use Save Wizard to make my characters invincible, but I totally did cheat to give myself maxed out currency in both games, and that was enough. Suddenly I loved them both like they were new. I couldn't wait to get home from work and boot up Persona 5 because I knew I could focus on the story and on leveling up my personas. I no longer had to worry about grinding for money to spend on new weapons, or worry about wasting precious money on side activities which are what make the game great.

Check out the siteand look at the game list.