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Download Now downloads. Part 2: In Development. The main story takes place seven years after the events of Dirge of Cerberus. Players who are interested in the game can share and make videos with the gameplay.

Midi or MP3? I'm seriously thinking about swapping all the themes in the game for the MIDI format. The game already weighs 1. Posts Pages: 1. TheRpgmakerAddict Nice game so far I like it. Combat is not too hard and I like the idea of a sequel even if the game has a couple of big problems some missing files that make the game crash when entering some houses in Kalm, Vincent loses items after limit break, and Cloud does not use some materia equipped and some minor issues some typos, Cloud sometimes stops in front of the enemy.

It's also a pity that some charsets are so different Yuffie bigger than Cloud and Vincent that are taller than Zack and secondary characters. On the contrary monsters and battlers choice is eccellent. Mapping is ok, music is good. Anyway I am having fun playing this so far, it's an enjoyable game and plays exactly as a FfVII game. Thank you for your review! Can you tell me if it is only in kalm that this error occurs? Vincent's loss of Items is due to the Class change that occurs when he is executed to break his Limit.

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Are the materials that the Cloud does not use is Magic or Equipment? About the Cloud stop in front of the enemy, this I will try to figure out the cause.

Typing errors must be from the translator I use. This game was in Portuguese, so I had to translate. Already the characters I will try to standardize all in a single type for the next update. Try to take a Screenshot of the error that occurs in kalm and if possible send me through Discord. This post has been hidden by the game developer.

Click here to show the post anyway. So far it happens only there, but I've to reach New Midgard so we will see Well I remember Weiis Weiss I think is correct ,ative activeand a couple others but I do not know where. That would look a lot better, I think. Just see Yuffie comparison to the nerby soldier. Thank you very much!Even unpopular dweebs like you may meet their destiny here!! Director Tetsuya Nomura has explained that the facility identical to the original game in the Remake would cause "physical unease.

Honey Bee Inn can be entered after first visiting Don's mansion at the north of Wall Market, and then talking to a man near the entrance to Honey Bee Inn who gives the player the Membership Card key item.

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The area is famous for having hoards of dummied data left in the game coding. Honey Bee Inn is a members only brothel where the girls wear bee outfits. Visitors may choose between four rooms, each with a different theme. In the game, two of the rooms are occupied and the player can choose between two rooms. At the back of the brothel there is a dressing room for the girls, where visitors are not normally allowed access, but the player can visit it if they wish. Each of these rooms is well-decorated with a different theme.

The Lover's Room and Queen Room cannot be entered, but Cloud can peep through a keyhole and hear a conversation. The Lover's Room contains a miniature Cait Sith in the far-right corner, while the Queen's Room contains girls talking about a Shinra employee who has a meeting with President Shinraand how his wife has found out about him visiting the Honey Bee Inn. After entering the room, a scene will occur, depending on the room chosen.

At the back is the Staff Roomwhere the girls get ready and putting on makeup. The player can visit the Honey Bee Inn as part of Cloud's crossdressing plan in his attempt to pass as a woman to be given admittance to Don Corneo's mansion, in order to save Tifa.

By visiting either of the two rooms in the Honey Bee Inn the player receives a key item, which likely was originally intended to affect Cloud's chances of being picked as the "bride for the night" for Corneo, but the items received this way do nothing.

The player can still receive a girl's lingerie by visiting the top left room, or a bikini brief visiting the bottom left one. The other two rooms the player can't enter, but they can peep in through the keyhole. After visiting a room the player can get make-up put on them by a girl in the dressing rooms. If the player talks enough times to the girl on the far left, they will get an option to ask the girl to apply make-up on Cloud.

The success of the make-up work is random and the only clue to how good a make-up work the player got is the sound effect that plays when the girl does it. The sound of wind blowing gives the best result, increasing Cloud's chances of being picked by Don Corneo the most, but this is also the rarest outcome.

Other outcomes are a simple bleep sound the worst result and a sound like being cured the second best option. Dummied text unearthed from the game suggests that the player would have originally been able to choose which kind of make-up they want to have.

After the events, the player can never visit the Honey Bee Inn again. After dressing as a girl the player can no longer go in, and after the events in Don Corneo's mansion the Honey Bee Inn owners no longer let the player enter, deeming Cloud "too weird" of having heard of his crossdressing habits.

If the player visits the Honey Bee Inn after the Meteor has been summoned, the place has been taken over by Shinra.

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Honey Bee Inn is known for having a lot of dummied out content, some of which only exists in the original Japanese release, and has since been removed completely. A scene unearthed using hacking revealed an event with Palmershowing that the Honey Bee Inn used to have a whole reception area with pictures of girls on the walls. The music unique to the Palmer scene is not used anywhere else in the game. The tune was previously unearthed from the game's PC version, but by then it was unknown for what scene it was intended.

In the scene, much of the dialogue reads as gibberish, as the game displays the wrong kanji, but a translation has been made with corrections, which is available in the attached video. The Shinra Manager fumbles his words as he refuses to give his name, and subsequently whispers it to the receptionist.

An unnamed customer faints in response to a blown kiss from a Honey Bee, who shuts herself back into the dressing room in dismay after the unconscious man is dragged away.


Palmer descends a stairwell to leave, which makes it the manager's turn, but Palmer notices the manager and shouts at him, calling him simply "Manager. Palmer gives chase, and so does the Honey Bee.

final fantasy 7 text box

This makes it Cloud's turn to go up the stairwell and into a room, but the field is unfinished, thus ending the scene.Upon the announcement of Remakeevery detail was endlessly scrutinized. So would it be like a Star Wars prequel, or a Star Wars sequel? Be perceived as celebrating fans, or spurning them? But it stops shy of radical re-imagination. The game was famously accompanied by a then-unprecedented marketing campaign, with second TV commercials showing off a montage of striking scenes: a motorcycle being revved by a man with a sword, a monster screaming out of the pod that birthed it, a villain ripping a strange, angelic visage from its shrine.

They were taken from cut-scenes: interstitial mini-movies showing pivotal moments in the plot with far more impressive graphics than a PlayStation console could render at the time.

Actual gameplay footage was more abstract: the characters, shaped like mini LEGO-people, were not fully proportioned. Backgrounds were painted. The story was depicted through abstraction — the player, who would watch these squat polygonal dolls stiffly gyrate and read their thoughts and dialogue in text boxes, had to stretch to connect with the story.

They require investment, to have players fill in blanks, reflect, and, over many hours, care. His personal history, slowly unspooled over 40 hours of game, was stolen — the biography of a dead friend, Zack Fair.

The player is not putting themselves in the shoes of a hero, but a coward. An old literary device reinvented for a new medium. For video games in — still an astonishingly young industry, a mere 14 years removed from the Nintendo Entertainment System — that kind of subversion was rare.

Moments that elicited an emotional response were rarer still.

But there is one change that is persistent and puzzling, one that does neither of those things. The game waits until its penultimate chapter to identify its most significant shift by name. They appear en masse without warning, confining the characters to a certain location, forcing them along a particular route, saving some lives and endangering others. The observant player is meant to have a late-game realization that recontextualizes the entire experience, like a character in a Christopher Nolan film.

The Whispers make sure everything stays the same. Twenty-plus years of people wanting more of their favorite game, but did they want it like this? Video games have a uniquely symbiotic nature with their audiences — the requisite interaction makes it easier for fans to feel like their choices, opinions, and feelings matter. This is why Star Wars is a useful comparison — it has been a pop-cultural juggernaut for a generation, and anyone who loved Star Wars as a child has experienced a lifetime of validation.

They gain some level of understanding that these events have happened before, and they are now free to do them differently. But Remake still seems to want to please fans with the familiar, even as it nudges them toward something different.

The events of the original game are the blueprint for the entire experience. In Final Fantasy VII Remakethe same characters have roughly the same goal — saving the planet — but nothing grounds their meta-textual sense of purpose.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Please Note! A save editor can be used to fix it though. Last edited by TehMighty ; 8 Jun pm. Showing 1 - 15 of comments. Does the PartyPanel stay on the game screen when there's less then 3 members in your party? I had that bug initially. Other than that, good job! Argon View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Argon :. Last edited by TehMighty ; 15 Jul, am. Fraggoso View Profile View Posts. So far it seems to work on my end alltough I find it a bit too small.

Originally posted by Fraggoso :. Koopah View Profile View Posts. Nice work, and thanks! Just found the HD backgrounds mod and installed it, but now I agree the battle menus are huge at p and could use a scale down. Last edited by [deleted] ; 15 Jul, pm. New version out now :. Hi, - I have similar problem as Dwight shown above.

My ATB menu is cut off in windowed mode. Thanks for spending time to fix this atrocious UI. I know its difficult, otherwise SE would have fixed it already. Originally posted by vitduck :. Hi, I'm having some glitchiness issues I'm hoping someone might know the reasoning behind. I'm trying to use the file for HD without AF running at p, and I'm finding in battle a black box momentarily appears in the center of the screen right as it begins, and again as it ends.

Also, the skill menu is bugged out and just shows empty unalligned boxes, although pressing X still selects Flee. I went to the items list and it just said "Items - 99x" with blank boxes beneath, and would stop responding to any input from X or O buttons. The only thing I can do at that point is activate auto-battle to finish the fight, or run.

The only other thing I've changed aside from the HD backgrounds is the standalone Beatrix party member mod, so I'm stumped. That shouldn't be related, right? Last edited by TehMighty ; 17 Jul, pm.

Thanks for the reply, TehMighty. So I went back in one more time to screenshot and actually wasn't able to trigger the item thing again over several battles, which is weird because it'd happened a few times I'd booted up to test before.Status effects are a common nuisance in RPGs, with paralysis and poison being the bane of many adventuring parties.

Tifa isn't as bothered about status effects as most RPG characters, as it's possible to make her even stronger by inflicting some on her. Tifa's strength is increased by status effects when she is using the Master's Fist weapon, which means that you can throw poison, sadness, and silence effects on her to give her a huge boost in her offensive power.

Aerith is primarily a spellcaster and her stats are based around magic rather than physical strength. This means that you will want to keep Aerith in the back row throughout the game and have her use her healing spells on the party.

It's possible to turn Aerith into the most powerful warrior in the party for a period of time at the start of the game. When you reach the Train Graveyard, you can encounter a rare and powerful enemy called Eligor. It's possible for Eligor to drop an item called the Striking Staff, which is the most powerful weapon available to the party at that point in the game and has four materia slots, which is more useful than the rest of your equipment.

The real reason why you should keep using an All materia is due to the financial benefits, as a mastered All materia sells for 1. It's a common notion in RPGs that the positive energy created by healing spells is detrimental to undead, as they are created by negative energy. This means that healers can also damage undead with their magic.

It's during the brief period of time when you control Tifa that you can find a secret materia hidden in Nibelheim. If you played the piano during the Nibelheim flashback sequence, then it's possible to discover an Elemental materia hidden in the piano in Tifa's house.

The D. It's possible for Tifa to overcome the drawback of the D. Emerald and Ruby Weapon are notorious for being difficult to defeat, but there is a way you can conquer them in a couple of seconds. Vincent Valentine's ultimate weapon becomes stronger for every enemy you defeat, which means that it's possible to make it so strong that it can cause an Overflow glitch to occur and defeat an enemy in a single attack.

This is how it's possible for the Weapon monsters to be defeated in a matter of seconds. If you combine the Final Attack materia with the Phoenix summon, then you can survive an attack that will destroy the party, as the Phoenix will be summoned in response to the attack and will raise everyone, as well as hitting the enemy for some fire damage. The White Wind enemy skill heals a decent amount of the party's hit points while also curing nearly every status effect in the game. In order to acquire White Wind, you need to find the Zemzelett enemy around the Junon area and use the Manipulate ability on it to make it perform White Wind on the party.

Cait Sith has access to the Slots Limit Break, which is a slot machine that can produce different effects, depending on how the reels line up.

Those with a knowledge of the mechanics of how the slots work can game the system so that it always brings up the Game Over ability, which instantly defeats all enemies on the field, including the Weapon monsters.

If a party member's hit points reachthen they will enter a special battle mode called All Lucky 7s, where they will hit the enemy sixty-four times in a row, with each hit dealing points of damage. If you have a party where all of the members have hit points, then it's easy to exploit Emerald Weapon's attacks in order to enter All Lucky 7s mode.

Emerald Weapon has an attack called Aire Tam Storm, which deals points of damage for every piece of materia that a character has equipped. If you give a character two materia, then they will drop to hit points when hit with Aire Tam Storm, assuming you kept them at full health throughout the fight.I decided to do so, and make a little video about the experience. In the very first text box of the game, I encountered a nuanced difference between the Japanese and the English.

This inspired an obsession. Today the project is complete. This is the first part of the two-part finale. You can watch all of the videos in order, thanks to this handy YouTube playlist.

Heck, even if he could have fit all the nuances that I illustrate into the text boxes, it would have been impossible to present them as interesting writing. In this series, I discover, unpack, explain, and explore meaningful differences between the English translation and the original Japanese script across dozens of key dialogues. Sometimes I conduct this exploration via brief lectures on the mechanics of Japanese grammar; sometimes I offer anecdotes describing how I personally first encountered a particular word, phrase, or structure.

Many of you have told me that this series has helped you approach the study of a second language. Months later, this finale episode has wound up the length of a feature film. I split it into two parts.

final fantasy 7 text box

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Who knows! And here I am having started Final Fantasy VII over a dozen times in the past several years never having played it when it originally came out and getting bored enough to give up on it right around the time you make it to the main world map, pretty much every time. The A. Tim Rogers. Filed to: Let's Mosey.

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final fantasy 7 text box

Latest on Kotaku. Most Popular.It is the seventh installment in the Final Fantasy series. The game's story follows Cloud Strifea mercenary who joins an eco-terrorist organization to stop a world-controlling megacorporation from using the planet's life essence as an energy source.

Events send Cloud and his allies in pursuit of Sephirotha superhuman who seeks to wound the planet. During the journey, Cloud builds close friendships with his party members, including Aerith Gainsboroughwho holds the secret to saving their world. Development began inoriginally for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. After delays and technical difficulties from experimenting on several real-time rendering platforms, Square moved production to pre-rendered video, necessitating the huge capacity of the CD-ROM format and therefore departing Nintendo for the PlayStation.

Veteran Final Fantasy staff returned, including series creator and producer Hironobu Sakaguchidirector Yoshinori Kitaseand composer Nobuo Uematsu.

The game is the first in the series to use full motion video and 3D computer graphicssuperimposing 3D character models over 2D pre-rendered backgrounds. Final Fantasy VII introduced more widespread science fiction elements and a more realistic presentation, while the gameplay systems remained largely similar to previous entries, with the addition of new elements such as Materia, Limit Breaksand new minigames.

Assisted by a large promotional campaign, Final Fantasy VII received widespread commercial and critical success. It remains widely regarded as a landmark game, and as one of the most influential and greatest games ever made. It won numerous Game of the Year awards, and was acknowledged for boosting sales of the PlayStation and popularizing console role-playing games worldwide. Critics praised its graphics, gameplay, music, and story, but criticized its original English localization.

Its success has led to enhanced ports on various platforms, a multimedia sub-series called the Compilation of Final Fantasy VIIand the ongoing multipart high-definition Final Fantasy VII Remake where the first installment was released in The player can explore the environment, talk with characters, advance the story, and initiate event games in this mode. Shops provide an opportunity to buy and sell items that can aid Cloud and his party, such as weapons, armor, and accessories.

If the characters rest at an inn, their hit points and mana points will be restored, along with any abnormalities contracted during battles. At random intervals on the world map and in field mode, and at specific moments in the story, the game will enter the battle screen. This screen places the player characters on one side, the enemies on the other, and employs an "Active Time Battle" ATB system in which the characters exchange moves until one side is defeated.

Characters have many statistics that determine their effectiveness in battle; for example, hit points determine how much damage they can take, and magic determines how much damage they can inflict with spells.

Each character on the screen has a time gauge; when a character's gauge is full, the player can input a command for that character. The commands change as the game progresses, and are dependent on the characters in the player's party and their equipment.

Commands may include attacking with a weapon, casting magic, using items, summoning monsters, and other actions that either damage the enemy or aid the player characters. Final Fantasy VII also features powerful, character-specific commands called Limit Breaks, which can be used only after a special gauge is charged by enemy attacks. After being attacked, characters may be afflicted by one or more abnormal "statuses", such as poison or paralysis.

These statuses and their adverse effects can be removed by special items or abilities. When all the enemies are defeated, the battle ends and the player may be rewarded with money, items, and experience points. If the player is defeated, it is game over and the game must be restored to the last save point. When not in battle, the player can use the menu screen. On this screen, the player can review each character's status and statistics, use items and abilities, change equipment, save the game when on the world map or at a save pointand manage orbs called Materia.

The main method of customizing characters in Final Fantasy VIIMateria may be added to equipment to provide characters with new magic spells, monsters to summon, commands, statistical upgrades, and other benefits. Final Fantasy VII takes place on a world referred to in-game as the "Planet", though it has been retroactively named "Gaia".

Its processed form is known as "Mako".